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Pastor Joe & Terry Fuentes

      Pastor Joe and Terry Fuentes were born June 29 1979  & December 31 1978, they are high school sweethearts and until this day they show and express how a Godly marriage should be. With the grace of God they were blessed with three beautiful children, their oldest boy Jeremiah Fuentes and two girls Claudia Fuentes and Destiny Fuentes.

      Pastor Joe began Mt. Zion in October of 2010, a small storefront building in a small town of Skidmore Texas no bigger than to hold a handful of families. Him and his wife took on multiple roles from directing and leading the youth, the children's ministry and even worship and so much more. As their obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ grew stronger the ministry of Mt. Zion began to grow and so did the body of Christ, with more and more people to help disciple, teach, and lead worship. Mt. Zion's congregation began to fill the small storefront with not much room left, God moved in Pastor Joe and Terry as He had bigger and better plans for a facility. As of current day today Mt. Zion Revival Center is now located in Beeville Texas.

      Here at Mt. Zion Revival Center, we are the Church demonstrating the Love and Power of a changed heart. We are "Finding Purpose in Life and Power for Living".

        Our Vision is to be a church built up of people from all walks of life regardless where they've come from. We are called to make an impact in our city, in our nation, and in the world. Through the genuine love of Jesus Christ we are striving to be different and to make a difference. Mt. Zion Revival Center is not a denomination or and organization, we are a living organism; the body of Christ in operation in this world.

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